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This place & owner is highly unprofessional, Tinnequa Wall is a FRAUD, she's inconsistent, unorganized, makes promises she doesn't keep, and cheats you out of your money.At the rate this place is going, this business won't last a year.

I am highly disappointed, beyond pissed from her conniving, manipulative deceitful ways. If you plan on applying there... DON'T, she promised a position to me & then went back on her offer. Please do your research on her & ask plenty of question's.

Also when you ask her a question, she avoids it & beats around the bush, that's a sign itself. She claims to be a spiritual person but her ways are very DEMONIC.

I would think twice about sending my child here or even applying.Everything that glitters isn't gold, and this place is the perfect example


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Chosen Childcare: Tips on Hiring Staff


Staffing: If you hire other childcare workers in your program, check out job applicants closely.Call the people they list as references.

Ask about their backgrounds. Ask the applicants about all the other places they have worked. Checking the person’s history carefully may uncover either good or bad patterns of childcare behaviors. When you talk to people who know his or her background, ask if there were any complaints about how they cared for children.

Ask about how they disciplined children.

You should also check if the applicant is old enough and has the right training.Look for more information about these requirements in other states, as well.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907870

Ways To apply at Chosen Childcare:

1st: Present Application or Resume

2nd: We will call you if you meet NC State Requirements for Employment and We have a Position Available

3rd. If we feel that you are qualified for a position at Chosen Childcare, we will contact you for a Interview.

4th. If we decide to Hire you, you will be called for additional steps

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907868

Please call our Center to schedule a visit to learn about the tuition specials we are offering.We hope that you all have a safe and prospering Holiday.

The price of full-time infant care in a center increased an average of 6.9 percent, while the price of full-time care for a 4-year-old in a center went up 6.7 percent during the study period.

A sobering fact is that both of these increases are more than twice the rate of inflation (reported as 3.2 percent rate by the Department of Labor) for the period reviewed.

Contact Information:

Chosen Childcare: Administration



Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907757


We are currently running a Holiday Enrollment Special. Come Visit our Childcare Center at 2101-106 Pyramids Village to get details on our full time and part time rates!

We look forward to meeting you! Hurry, enrollment spots get filled really quick.

Contact Mrs Wall to schedule a Tour of our Center.


Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907750

I promised my child's afterschool teacher that I would give her a shout out on the worldwide internet. Thank You for helping my son with his hmwk everyday!!!

Your the Best

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907741

My children have been enrolled for three months and we love Chosen Childcare. The administrators are so helpful and consistent with NC Childcare Laws. My children will remain there until they start grade school.

Mrs Brown

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907646

Chosen Childcare is a privately owned childcare center located at the Shops of Pyramids Village and right beside Walmart.It is well lit, safe, reliable and has available good parking for staff, parents and potential customers.

Go check it out for yourself and ask to schedule an appointment with the Director to get an idea of what the Visions and Goals are for this Growing Childcare Center. We have an OPEN DOOR policy for all of our customers.

Currently, Chosen is in the process of opening a new center.We would like to thank God, current and past customers, employees, and business partners for their efforts in assisting Chosen Childcare with progressing our future Business Endeavors.

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #907626

Parents can learn a lot about a program simply by watching.Here are some specific criteria to look for and ask about when visiting a child care program: What training do staff members have in infant-toddler development?

Do caregivers speak to the children, even babies? Do they sing and read to the children? Do they answer children’s questions patiently? Do they ask children questions?

Is each baby allowed to eat and sleep according to their own rhythms, and not based on a schedule imposed by the caregiver? For toddlers, is a daily schedule posted, using pictures and visuals, so that children can anticipate what will happen next? Are toys and materials well organized so that children can choose what interests them? Are caregivers able to accommodate the special needs of children?

Does the environment accommodate the special needs of children? Do caregivers respect the language, culture and values of families in the program? How does the caregiver feel about discipline? Weaning?

Toilet training? Feeding? Do the caregiver's beliefs match your own? Does the caregiver handle conflicts without losing patience, shaming a child, or frequently displaying anger?

Does the caregiver seem to enjoy children? Are you welcome to drop in at any time? Would your child feel good about coming here? Would you feel good about leaving your child here?

Is the environment sanitary and safe? Is the setting appealing with comfortable lighting and an acceptable noise level?

Licensing Issues Each state has different licensing requirements for programs and providers.Listed below are some initial questions to ask when selecting a child care program.


i love chosen childcare this was my first job and i wouldnt be suprised if its my last job .i plan on being here forever .

the kids love the employees and Ms. Wall shes a great director everything she do is for the children shes all for the children and her employees even cater to the parents from time to time . customers always leave out of here happy WHY ? cause we as employees take our time to greet parents in and out w/ a smile make sure there kids are WELL TAKING CARE of with MEALS and attention , affection.

kids dont even wanna leave sometimes thats how much we show them love . love my job and everything about it . so all the negative comments are just out of anger because you wasnt qualified for a job here .

i would be angry to if i couldnt work here .its such a wonderful place :)

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #738491

Consumers be careful about what you post on this site especially if you are doing it out of anger. In order for you remove comments that you posted you will have to admit to penalty or perjury which can land you prison time!!!

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